Resident artist for Port to Port #3

We are pleased to announce that our next resident artist, Neo Maestro (Phillipines) will come to Hachinohe, Japan !!!!



ネオ・マエストロ / Neo Maestro

1991年フィリピン出身、カラヤアン大学にて絵画を学ぶ。ペインティング、インスタレーション、映像等を用いて、作品を制作している。近年は特に都市マニラに住むことを通じて個人的な視点や歴史的な視点が絡まり合って生じる、不安や強迫観念の経験をモチーフにしている。また最近は、アーティストコレクティヴであるWalang Kikilosとしてマニラの都市問題と向き合っている。アーティストとしての活動の他に障がいを持った子供たちへの美術教育や、他のアーティストのアシスタント、キュレーターやリサーチャーのためのガイド等のアートの周辺領域での活動も多い。

The artist’s current practice involves painting, installation and video works. His recent

works mostly revolve around the experience of anxieties and paranoia of living in Manila

intertwined with personal and historical perspectives. He is currently part of an artist

collective called Walang Kikilos, which translates into ‘nobody move’ in English. The

group’s loose goal is to observe and examine the absurdities of urban life (with a focus on

the increasingly heavy traffic) in Metro Manila. For a few years now, the artist has also

been doing an untitled ghost project where he records and transcribes other people’s

experiences about the supernatural. A part of this untitled ghost project has been exhibited

in late 2018 in an exhibition in Makati titled SpinCycle, and will be continued at Live Make

Share’s artist in residency program in Vietnam in October of 2019.

In between the artist’s practice, he teaches art classes in a school for children with

disabilities, and works as an assistant for more senior artists (currently with Poklong

Anading and Lani Maestro, and previously with Jose Tence Ruiz and Yoshinori Niwa). He

also works as a kind of Manila tour guide for visiting artists, curators, filmmakers and other

people who work in similar fields.


Artist in Residence Hachinohe 2017年より、青森県八戸市をベースにAIR(アーティストインレジデンス)や、プロジェクト等を行っています。 AIR-H was established in 2017. We are organizing AIR programme, and art projects in Hachinohe-city, Aomori, Japan.