【English Report】Workshop/ワークショップ


I was nervous because I had seldom participated in any workshop.But overall, I was able to talk with various people in a friendly atmosphere.

It was fun making things by trial and error with my friend who joined me.

I saw my friends through the cavity of a trihedral mirror and the lens of my smartphone camera and tried superposing one color on another just as in a kaleidoscope. It was strange that usual, familiar scenes changed so that they would look totally different.

If another workshop like this is held, I would like to participate in it.





 I participated in Mr.Gerome Soriano's workshop on March 25th. Mr.Soriano is an artist based in Manila,the Philippines and I hear that he produces art works using photos and images.Before the workshop started,I saw some of his works and some booklets made by other Filipino artists.There were Landscape photos and cartoon-like drawings in them.That was my first time seeing art works made by a foreign artist in front of the artist himself,so I felt strange.

In the workshop,I cooperated with my friend who joined together and we made a kind of kaleidoscope,using reflective plastic pieces cut out of CD cases as a trihedral mirror.I participated in an artistic workshop for the first time and I really enjoyed it.I am interestied in making things by nature,so the workshop was to my taste.If there is such a workshop again in the future,I would like to participate in it.




↓Shooting at home (kotatsu cover, carpet)



Artist in Residence Hachinohe 2017年より、青森県八戸市をベースにAIR(アーティストインレジデンス)や、プロジェクト等を行っています。 AIR-H was established in 2017. We are organizing AIR programme, and art projects in Hachinohe-city, Aomori, Japan.