【English Report】Artist Talk/アーティスト・トーク


I participated in Mr.Gerome Soriano’s artist talk at Hachinohe Machinaka Art Labo Kobeya on March 7. He is an artist invited from the Philippines. He introduced many alternative spaces,the Philippine’s art scenes,his art work and its concept. We heard a lot of valuable talks in the cozy atmosphere.

His art work is the animation of frame photographing. Which shows that many brick-like pieces of regular chocolate were piled. So that it would look like a Spanish building. He also introduced a film work by collecting many round things around as. I was very impressed by his art works. I learned the meaning included in various expressions of his art works, ranging from Philippine casual daily life to its history. In addition to the side as an artist he also introduced the work scenes of Manila Biennale where he worked as a member of staff team. He talked about good points and things which needs improving actually emerging from those activities.

I heard a lot of valuable talks which I can’t usually hear easily by participating in this event. There ware many things which I learned about the present state of the Philippines and a type of art which I have not been much conscious about. 






Artist in Residence Hachinohe 2017年より、青森県八戸市をベースにAIR(アーティストインレジデンス)や、プロジェクト等を行っています。 AIR-H was established in 2017. We are organizing AIR programme, and art projects in Hachinohe-city, Aomori, Japan.